About Us

Our Purpose

This website is to announce the formation of the Nonprofit, Visually Impaired Veterans of America, Incorporated (VIVA, Inc.) which is officially listed with the Corporate Division, Georgia Department of State. VIVA, Inc. is committed to supporting the Blind Rehab Program, Southern Blind Rehabilitation Center (SBRC).

I have a strong belief that it is important to give back to the people who have served our country and helped protect us from foreign dangers. There are many Visually Impaired Veterans who are in need of our assistance, this I know firsthand. It is time for us to give back, to those who have given all for us.

Veterans who have served around the world, fought with all their might and even given their life, to protect our country. VIVA, Inc. is committed to supporting the Blind Rehabilitation Program in Birmingham Alabama, to ensure that Veterans receive proper training.

Our Information

  • Nonprofit Name:  Visually Impaired Veterans of America, Incorporated (VIVA, Inc.)
  • Employer Identification Number:  47-3239826
  • Suggested Donation Levels:  $25.00 – $500.00
  • Address to send tax deductible donation(s):  440 Creekview Lane, Atlanta, Georgia 30349

Our Management Team

Accounting and Tax Filing

Accounting Solutions Group, LLC
Christina L. Paloski, CPA
Founding Partner


Christopher Balch, Lawyer
1270 Caroline Street
Suite D120‐315
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Tel: (404) 202-5934